“It is a special treat for me to see Ty. Her knowledge of the interworkings of the body, herbs, energy, and nutrition is unbelievable. I trust her. I feel so lucky to have such an extraordinary practitioner!”
-Traci, Financial Planner

“I spent over 20 years with most traditional medical practitioners telling me my chronic pain problems were in my head. Finally, I had to try something else, and Ty Miller came highly recommended. She is professional, an active listener, warm and caring.  She helped relieve my fibromyalgia symptoms in just a few months. Now if she could only get my husband to eat vegetables!”
– Donna, Mother and Householder

“As a Nutrition Counselor, I believe strongly in the importance of preventive health care. Ty’s approach to wellness works to treat the core problem, not simply mask the symptoms. She continues to play an important role in the support my health, as well as the health of the many clients I refer to her with confidence.”
– Debbie, Nutrition Counselor

“I came to Ty two years ago with chronic digestive problems and increasing food allergies. Without lecturing me on my bad habits, or giving me too much to do on my own, Ty encouraged me to develop healthier habits and supported my efforts with specific treatments and supplements. Now that I have more energy and resilience, my general desire for health has extended into many other areas of my life. I feel great!”
– Jen, Make-Up Artist