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Their Mission

Fresh, non-GMO, organic produce from the company-owned fields to in-house manufacturing, converting almost 100% of the crop into powders that can last up to 2 years. Making nutrient-dense, whole food supplements that the body can easily assimilate with a minimum of transportation and middle men. Well researched Super Food, Whole Foods.

Check the Purium website for the Gluten Free certified greens products.

Gluten is contained in most greens drinks as a trace amount. Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Kamut and Oat Grass do not contain gluten. Wheat berries, barley, kamut grain and oats which do contain gluten are included in the final product during harvest. It is usually residual amounts from cutting down the grasses and pulling up a certain amount of the “seeds” from which you are growing the grass during the harvest. If you are highly sensitive or allergic to gluten you should not use products like this. There is a Gluten Free Guaranteed Green drink in the Purium Line and I have consulted with Designs for Health and their Paleogreens qualifies as “gluten free” also due to very low PPM.

One can usually find a totally safe green food alternative, such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa Leaf, Greens Renew Chewable from Nutriwest, where no gluten containing grains are ever used. Men may want to look out for using too much spinach powder, high in iron.

Ty is accustomed to thinking of Super Foods as a certain list of high ORAC (antioxidant) fruits, vegetables, plants and animal products that when consumed regularly as fresh foods or as powders help human body cells heal themselves by providing well assimilated nutrition. The Super Foods revolution has brought research to this arena and narrowed our focus on certain grasses, berries and plants. Quality in Super Foods products is determined by how much organic and how much filler and sweetener, like apple and pear, is included. Purium is serious about their blends being nutrient dense and beneficial to blood sugar.

Super Amino 23: legume/pea-based, no soy, pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein where 99% of the amino acids get utilized in 23 minutes or less, making it easy for the muscles to build and repair. This type of amino acid has muscle tested well for years and I’m happy to have a reliable source for it. Usually great for neurotransmitter, mood stability as well.

MVP Sport: pea, pumpkin, brown rice, mushrooms and sunflower oil.

GF Power Shake: GF oats and other GF grain aminos, with greens and other super foods powders.

BioFruit Powder: all organic, cranberry, apple, yes but read on, pomegranate, blueberry, black currant, grape, acai, raspberry, beet, lemon, pineapple, mango, strawberry. The best of the blue-red-black super fruits and organic. Toxic metals and chemicals often match well to these superfruits as antioxidants and to help bind them.

ApotheCherry: relaxing famous superfruit to take at night before bed to give the body another chance to repair, nourish, detox and relax. Cherry juice known as good for joints and as a gout remedy to lower excess uric acid levels. Also known as a laxative, but this cherry juice seems quite neutral that way. Many cherry juice products exist, this one is farm to table organic.

Electrolyte: Coco-hydrate: dehydrated coconut water, done on-site, add the water back when it reaches you, great for workout electrolyte.

Power of 10 Veggies: not gluten free. Ty believes the alfalfa leaf juice powder makes this product different than other greens powders. Alfalfa is know to have a deep tap root, like nettles, to draw up minerals. This one really packs a green punch. Combined with wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, spirulina and chlorella along with a sensible array of other vegetables, there is some dulse seaweed in this product if you cannot have iodine. A high quality version of greens powder is one of the best antidotes to many modern world issues, vegetable deficiency, mineral deficiency, blood sugar stabilization, multi-spectrum antioxidants and binders. Chlorophyll is biochemically close to hemoglobin and helps provide raw materials to repair and cleanse the blood. Toxic metals and chemicals are known to need enormous amounts of greens to help remove them from the system. No Seaweed.

Green Spectrum, GF – is gluten free. A very sensible and powerful greens mix, with two seaweeds, iodine included.

Ionic Elements – ocean and plant based minerals. Liking this blend a lot, very powerful mineral replenishment especially if you are not a shake drinker, just take a ½ dropperful of this in the am with water and the rest of your pills for very assimilable minerals.

Barley Green Juice Powder, GF (Gluten Free)

Spirulina Capsules and powder, GF

Chlorella, medicinal, not for everyday use unless in a blend or prolonged metal detox, GF

Scoop of Greens, not GF

More Greens, not GF

Kamut Blend, not GF

Best Options:

L.O.V. Super Meal is a super smart, full spectrum, gluten free, meal replacement. Fermented rice protein, greens, muschrooms, a bunch of super foods, jam packed meal powder and I would still mix it with MVP Sport and Super Amino 23 for best coverage.

Then add Power of 10 Veggies (or Green Spectrum), Bio Fruit and ApotheCherry at night.

Coco-hydrate if you like coconut water for electrolytes. (The Super Lytes is himalayan pink salt and rooibos tea, so just take those yourself.)

Adaptogen: White Ginseng: known in Chinese medicine as a good all around adaptogen, white ginseng is particularly known for assisting the lungs and being cool in nature.

Eleuthero Ginseng or Siberian Ginseng is known as the all-purpose adaptogen that is neutral in temperature and very safe.

Red Ginseng or Korean Ginseng is the hot ginseng, known to excite the kidneys if over-used. Generally very safe for weekend use, for athletes and those with energy compromise.

Bee products, Longjack extracts, talk to Ty if you have issues with sensitivity.

Rice Bran Solubles: with beneficial Omega 6 oils, helpful for weight loss.

Control Pre-Meal Capsules: actually Ty-approved, appetite, weight-loss supplement without harmful caffeine or boosters. Spray Control may help.

Can’t Beet This: dehydrated beet powder to add-in to other shakes, particularly good for gall bladder, liver issues.

Carrot Juice Powder: another great add-in to other shakes, for vitamin A, beta carotene, orange antioxidants.

Daily Fiber: Gluten free if you need one, grains and seeds based.

Aloe Digest: lovely blend of digestive fibers and aids, like this better as a daily fiber than Daily Fiber. This is also a medical food and if you always need this something is wrong with your gut.

Advanced Probiotic: like it a lot, good for travel and for long term poor digestion.

C From Nature: all commercial over the counter vitamin C is derived from GMO corn unless otherwise specified. Now you can get a full fruit C with Camu for a great price.

Ty liked their other products too but these are the pre-eminent super food products.

Spray Ease: spray curcumin, interesting.

Spray Chill: spray gaba, it can be helpful to many, different formulas matter with Gaba.

Spray Control: spray garcinia for appetite control, interesting.

Spray Charge: spray caffeine, not Ty approved.

Joint Flex: its a good one, ideally get this muscle tested before taking long term.

Heart Aid: full spectrum blend of heart aid herbs, ideally get muscle tested first.

Renew Hair Skin Nails: ideally get muscle tested first.

Fulvic/Zeolite: ideally get muscle tested first.

Enzyme Advantage: ideally get muscle tested first.

Ty alert NOT FOR EVERYONE for Purium products: Super Lyte, Super Life, Bee Energetic, Revive It All, Biome Medic, Women’s Defense, Super Cleansr, Vir-U-Sure, Spray Charge.


The GliSoDin is a wheat based product so I don’t recommend their Revive-It-All nor the Biome Medic because it is a wheat based product as well. Calcium Aspartate or aspartic acid is another way to bind glyphosphates from the body, one does not have to use wheat to do this.


Designs for Health:

Paleo Greens – GF greens, organic, key fruits, an old favorite,

Paleo Reds – GF reds, organic, boost your reds with your greens

Pure Pea Plus Protein Powder: legume, non-soy, high quality protein powder

Essentia Greens includes key fruits, sprouts and grape skin and seed extract

Life Extension Mix Powder 360: multi-vitamin with a little bit of everything, all in very good forms for absorption

Genestra: PhytoGreens Powder, all organic, not juice powders, just grass powders

Garden of Life: has been a leader in Super Foods, their greens are from grass juice powders, but not organic and have just been sold to Nestle.

Mercola Organic Greens 6.35 oz, organic, don’t tell you which vegetables.

Nanogreens from Biopharma Scientific: lots of organic, big formula, not for sensitives

Organic India: Moringa Leaf Powder, haven’t used it much, organic

Barleans Greens Powder: organic, not grass juice powders

Greens First Pro Capsules: Hard to find a greens capsule, some organic, curious formula, more like a supplement and green capsule, the other is NutriWest and not on Wellevate,

Greens First: has been around a long time, some organic, curious formula